domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010

O Mundo é Meu

So I've been thinking of creating a new blog or something to show off my work. It's important that my name is shown when people access the blog right? So maybe I should make a blog with my name as its title.. wich is not terribly original. Maybe it could have two titles? I've always liked to come up with good ideas for titles (nonsense ones to be more precise,lol).
Anyway, I get most of my ideas when I'm almost falling asleep. I heard that this happens when the "doors of our subconscious" (correct term?) are almost opened. It's a bit hard to explain this in english. But back to the point.. when I was almost asleep this background appeared in my mind: three bars (orange, pink and red) and a grey background. The texture was fabric-ish, retro style.
Than this lead to the idea of making a new blog, my own world. A world where I'd rule all my ideas. The bars in line represent the army of my world. The army of ideas. The white path represents my goals. Where I want to go.
I don't really like to explain what I see in it because I prefer that you have your own interpretation of it.
Any thoughts, ideas, critics?

2 comentários:

hen disse...

alo mónica martim
faz me lembrar o "meo, o comendo é meu"
desculpa se destruí o teu sonho

Martim disse...

lol thanks mate!
Nem me lembrei disso!

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