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A logo I did for a friend. He mainly produces Dubstep, so I tried to make it look aggressive and edgy.

quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2011

Stock Story - partially completed

My idea is to create an illustration book based on photos I find on Google. I chose common fairy tales words such as Knight, Princess, Queen, Witch, etc and collect the images displayed on the search engine. It's mostly a creative process based on what I think it looks best to create the character.

Illuminating Moments

Design & Rhetoric project.
London College of Communication 2011.

Layering the Past on to the Present.

We grow, we change but we always leave traces behind us.

Music: "Toxic" by Yaron Herman Trio.

Thanks to Maria Rocha for helping me!

quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011


I don't know if I ever posted this video but I'd like to share a title sequence I made, while studying in Faculty of Fine Arts, for NAKED by Mike Leigh.

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Stock Story



For my Word&Image elective I had the idea of creating an illustration book based on photos I would find on Google. Example: I searched for "Queen", then I collected interesting images and, based on them, I built up the character. Although creativity plays a big part in the process, I wanted to show what is the idea of "Queen" we can get from searching images on search engines.

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Triangle Experiment

Triangle Experiment

The intersection of lines create mass.

Human Networks Cover

Cover for my small essay about Social Networking. I wanted it to look like a "real" book cover.
In the cover, you can see a face looking at a laptop screen.

Kitchen Remix

Dance Battle

Just for fun!

Puzzle Dreams

My final output for a London College of Communication project.

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Sorry for the lack of updates people! (it's lonely in here..)
Anyway, I'm now in London! Just check my other blog Blog Save the Queen for some juicy news.

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This is something I was asked to do by an art director of JWT. He challenged me to find a new way to announce the Sumol moto "Stay original".
As you can see in this picture I was inspired by Tetris. The idea of having a piece of the game that doesn't fit anywhere and is different from every other one sounded a very good way to deliver a clear message of what the product is trying to transmit: to stay true to yourself and to be unique.

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Macbook - Winner!

I won an Apple Macbook with my Frize poster!
Ganhei um Apple Macbook com o meu poster da Frize!

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Frize - contest

This is my enter for the Frize contest. I had to prove that I am crazy about Frize. I thought that nothing says more about how crazy someone is for something than making a tattoo about it.
Lets wait for the results!!

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Beach House


Idea Robot

Hey there! I decided to go back and continue to use the blog format. I couldn't upload all my sketches on my cargo account so this is a good way to show some quick drawings I do.

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I created an account in Cargo Collective. Check it out: www.cargocollective.com/martimmonica.
I'll start uploading more work there because I think it's a good way to organize my portfolio.

sexta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2010

Universe Kid

I've used an old picture of my sister to do this one. I really like the original photo. She has this great, innocent expression on her face and the light is really beautiful. I was inspired by a picture I saw some time ago.. I don't remember who made it, but it shows a kid and many images overlapping inside his head. I should find it to share it with you guys (in the end I'm talking to no one loll).
So, since I'm into the universe, space theme I started to imagine this cool girl who was daugther of the universe. Her face is made of stars and her hair is made of..hm..cosmic things,lol. I really like how it turn out.

domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010

O Mundo é Meu

So I've been thinking of creating a new blog or something to show off my work. It's important that my name is shown when people access the blog right? So maybe I should make a blog with my name as its title.. wich is not terribly original. Maybe it could have two titles? I've always liked to come up with good ideas for titles (nonsense ones to be more precise,lol).
Anyway, I get most of my ideas when I'm almost falling asleep. I heard that this happens when the "doors of our subconscious" (correct term?) are almost opened. It's a bit hard to explain this in english. But back to the point.. when I was almost asleep this background appeared in my mind: three bars (orange, pink and red) and a grey background. The texture was fabric-ish, retro style.
Than this lead to the idea of making a new blog, my own world. A world where I'd rule all my ideas. The bars in line represent the army of my world. The army of ideas. The white path represents my goals. Where I want to go.
I don't really like to explain what I see in it because I prefer that you have your own interpretation of it.
Any thoughts, ideas, critics?

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Never End

Bad scan.. anyway, enjoy the story!

Red - The Pirate

Está um bocado torta e disforme... but she's a pirate!


Cute dog I saw yesterday

Fat Lady & Bombear


Índio Caucasiano

Já já algum tempo que nao updatava o blog!

sábado, 10 de outubro de 2009

Space Girl - Ready For Take Off

So I tried to make this a futuristic and cool pic. I especially like her helmet wich is made of diamonds.
Not sure about those metalic things.. I think the view angle is a bit weird.

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Space Girl - Nos Confins do Universo

In the darkness she's looking for something.

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Fat Kid - Candy Version

Another version. I think I like this one better.. altough it looks kinda creepy.

Fat Kid - Logo

segunda-feira, 31 de agosto de 2009


I'm constantly using these ink splatter brushes. I love how it looks in the end.
A story for this guy...hm.. He's trapped inside a box...as you can see. He lives in darkness and doesn't know what the world looks like. Wait.. Why is he not wearing any clothes? I guess he feels hot.. well, he has his head inside a box. It must be hot right?...

Blue Fear

These two live in the same body but are always scare to death of each other.
Os berros são comuns nas suas vidas e já se tornam uma rotina diária.

Mad Ideas - White version

Much better huh? Melhor em branco não?

Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm back in town and ready to post some new drawings!;)

quarta-feira, 8 de julho de 2009

Mad Ideas

Not sure about the red of "Mad Ideas".. What do you think?
Ugh, the quality sucks when I upload the files here!
Bolas deixei um "arrastamento" numa das tiras. Um engano fatal!

quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2009


Se alguém vir esta dulpa (ou trio?) avise. (er)

quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2009


I think this turn out pretty good! I was a helped by a really good tutorial but I add some elements created by me. Always learning,heh. I'm not sure about the font though.. what do you think?

Isto podia ser como uma "entrada" para o meu portolfio!

terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2009

Afro Queen Poster

This woman is a really famous gospel singer in her town. She's known for her amazing voice and for her stoic attitude.
This old poster can be found on the streets. I imagine a city like Havana, where is very hot. The colors of the city are brown and yellow.

Ultra Blue

I've followed a tutorial and then add some textures to make this "logo"(?).
I think it looks much better when you see it in full view.

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Acerca de mim

A minha foto